What are the Best-managed WordPress Hosting Platforms?

A word press is simply an open source application that supports the creation and modification of digital content. WordPress is an essential element in the running of a blog. It helps you manage various aspects of your blog like design, social media and marketing of your blog with a lot of ease.

Therefore, your choice of a WordPress hosting provider is a prerequisite to hassle free running of a website. There exists a variety of web hosting options broadly categorized as

  1. a) Shared,
  2. b) Free,
  3. c) Virtual Private Server (VPS),
  4. d) Dedicated, and
  5. e) Managed WordPress hosting.

Shared WordPress has been identified as suitable for small businesses and beginners as they are affordable. It involves using a large server with multiple servers. Free WordPress hosting is offered in online platforms or small groups and is usually managed by individuals. They are not suitable for serious websites or blogs. On the other hand, Dedicated WordPress hosting is recommended for particularly high traffic blogs. You may lease a physical server which allows you to have unrestricted control over the hardware and software. Another category is the VPS which operates almost similar to dedicated servers, but you will share the server with other users. The multiple servers are customized based on each client’s needs. If you are an upcoming developer, a medium sized business or running a high traffic blog, this would be the best option. Managed WordPress hosting has become more popular especially for established bloggers. They have an advantage of handling the technical issues such as optimizing performance, regular backups as well as ensuring the site is secure. Whichever option you decide to take; it should just cater to your needs in a safe, fast and reliable manner.

With this in mind, let us have a look at 3 of the best WordPress hosting platforms, or check out the full list here: Bitcatcha’s best managed wordpress hosting list


It is among the most popular hosting platforms. It has multiple data centers spread across Europe, Asia and America. The platform has numerous advantages like 100% uptime Reliability, top-notch security, free backups, automatic updates and amazing developer tools. The only disadvantage with Site Ground is that it has limited web storage of about 30GB. With its features, it is best for beginners, especially under the Shared Hosting category. Plus beginners are given a special 60% discount.

InMotion Hosting

For reliable Dedicated or VPS WordPress Hosting, InMotion would make an incredible choice. It is thus suitable for both personal and professional websites and blogs. Accounts that are below 10GB in size are provided with free backup services besides excellent security features for all users. It, however, doesn’t host Windows Servers thus limiting its popularity and widespread use. The prices will, however, compensate for this.


The Google Cloud powered Kinsta is an excellent choice for Managed WordPress hosting owing to its specific features built for big WordPress sites. In fact, the pricing will easily tell you that the site is a choice for businesses and larger sites. Some of its features include daily backups, unlimited page visits, and reliable security support. It is mostly fast, and you will not have to wait for long to load.

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