If you have a website that is on a shared server, and one that also has a large mailing list, at some point you may want to consider moving your site to a dedicated server for the bulk emailing you often do.


While having a dedicated server is not mandatory for a website owner that sends out bulk emails, having one can certainly come with quite a lot of benefits.


Faster sending and delivery rates — One of the main reasons website owners invest in a dedicated server if they send bulk emails is due to the faster sending and delivery rates. You can check out servers here: posta elettronica.


This usually means a bulk email you send will be delivered almost instantaneously whereas, if you are running everything from a shared server, it could be hours before everyone on your email list received the mail you sent.


Emails will not arrive in spam folders — A dedicated server will also usually help ensure the emails you send do not end up in spam folders.


If getting emails to everyone on your list is important to you, and it should be, then having a dedicated server for your bulk emailing is key.


Dedicated IP addresses — With a dedicated server, you can also send emails from dedicated IP addresses, which is not usually something you can do with a shared server.


You will often also be able to rotate IP addresses every time you send a new mailing, thus cutting down on the possibility that your email will be simply seen as spam.


Sending email marketing campaigns at any time — While many of the companies offering shared servers have a strict limit on how many emails you can send out to how many people, dedicated servers do not usually have these restrictions.


This means you can send out an email marketing campaign at any time and to any number of people you wish to send it to.


Professional support — As so many people use a dedicated server for bulk emailing, any company you lease a dedicated server from will usually have a professional team of experienced professionals that can help you with any bulk email problems you may have.


This can be extremely helpful when it comes to figuring out why emails are not particularly successful, or why so many people on your email list are telling you they never get any of your emails.


Where to get a dedicated server for bulk emailing — There are hundreds of companies online offering a dedicated server for bulk emailing. The key to finding the right one is to check online reviews about each company you may lease from, and then compare the prices for a dedicated server across many of them.


If you spend enough time researching a large number of companies offering dedicated servers, you should end up with the best one for your needs.


Just be sure to compare the different dedicated server packages that are available as well, so you end up with one that is perfect for the type of bulk emailing you usually do.

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