Teaching in today’s technological world can have its advantages, but it can also cause some difficulties. Teachers may struggle to connect with their students when they are using devices to get all their work done. This site is dedicated to providing helpful information regarding tools for teachers to help their students learn in a technology-filled world.

Helpful Apps
Some schools may have already discussed with their teachers which apps they want them to use. There are a number of helpful apps out there that work well for students. Many of these applications provide helpful information to kids while seeming like a fun game. It keeps them engaged and interacted so they have a better chance of retaining the information being taught.

Apps like IXL Math and Kids A-Z, or Raz Kids, help students learn in a fun way.
Many of the apps that can be used at school, can also be used at home. This provides students with the ability to practice in their spare time so they are better prepared when they come to class. Many of these applications can be downloaded on a home tablet or computer, which allows children to use them any time they, or their parents, see fit.

Technology Tools
Certain sites and apps are available to teachers. They allow lessons to be uploaded, notes to be shared, and even online connections through a social media-like site. These tools not only help teachers stay organized, but also provide insightful information regarding how they can be used and the many benefits they offer. Sites like Edmodo and Schoology are popular options.
The tools are also broken up by grade levels. Elementary students require far less extensive tools and apps than high schoolers do. Some of the simple tools allow students to keep track of their schedules or look online at grades. Middle school and high school students may be able to submit assignments online, talk to other students through a social media-like site, and even do their studying with a site like iBook.

Our site also helps teachers and administrators understand some of the devices that are typically used by schools. The iPad is one of the more popular devices for schools to include in the classroom. We offer troubleshooting tips and insightful information on the available features provided by an iPad, as well as other similar devices.
Since students are the primary users of these devices, we also provide easy-to-read and simple instructions for using them. This provides a template for teachers so they are better able to explain the troubleshooting tips to their kids.
Cell Phones in the Classroom

Schools previously had rules stating students were not allowed to bring cell phones into the classroom. While the rule still applies to some institutions, many are becoming more lenient on the rule, allowing teenagers to have them on hand. This can make it difficult for teachers to teach, as the students are distracted by what’s on their phones. We discuss ways to keep students entertained and interested so their devices are not as big of a distraction during class time.
Technology in the classroom has many advantages for both students and teachers alike.

Our site strives to provide as much helpful information as possible so teachers are better prepared to help their students learn with these technological devices and applications. A number of great tools and apps are available for the classroom.

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