Anyone with a nice and sleek website (quick plug forĀ best websites sydney) knows it can be very difficult to get the traffic you want to your site. To such an extent, you can have a website online for a year or more, and still only be getting a few hundred visitors a day.

There are ways to get a lot more traffic to your site, though, and one of them is relatively easy to do and does not have to cost very much money. There are also many advantages to it.


SEO and what it is — SEO, or search engine optimization, is using keywords and backlinks to increase a website’s prominence in unpaid search engine search results.


You can either practice SEO yourself after watching videos or reading books about it, or you can hire someone to do it for you. Therefore, SEO can be free, or something you decide to pay for.


So what are the advantages to doing it?


SEO can be free — Unlike paid advertising, which is another way to get people to your site, SEO can be free. That is because, due to all the books, websites and videos about SEO, just about anyone can do it.


If you need more website traffic, but do not have the money to pay to get it, implementing SEO on your site on both old articles and new ones can have the same results.


More visibility and, thus, more traffic — The higher up search results your site appears, the more people will see the link to your site and potentially click on it.


Thus, SEO gives your site more visibility and helps persuade people to come and see what you are doing.


SEO you only have to implement once — Unlike paid advertising, which you have to keep paying for as new traffic stops coming to your site as soon as you stop, SEO only needs to be implemented once.


Once it has been, it will continue to have the same result for months or even years afterwards. If you implemented it yourself for free, it also only cost you your time.


People trust Google more than they trust ads — The advertising industry has a reputation of being quite slimy. So, even if you pay for ads to promote your site, you may not have much luck getting more traffic.


On the other hand, people trust Google. So, if you can get your site higher up Google search results without paying for ads, your site is immediately going to appear more trustworthy to potential visitors.


You will get more traffic — If you implement SEO the right way, it is a guarantee you will get more traffic.


With advertising, however, there is no guarantee and far more likelihood of you not getting more traffic than getting it.


You can also install tracking tools to watch this increased traffic appearing on your site, and you may be completely amazed when it does that you could do all that without any payment and with just SEO.

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