How Wearable Technology is Improving Life

The idea of having clothing or any other wearable accessories is a normal part of everyday life. However, when you combine clothing with the opportunity to add technology, you are left with a significant number of possibilities. Technology is starting to improve lives and increase potential, and as long as the technology trend continues these are the reasons you will see even more wearable technology evolve in the coming years -i.e. on TechCrunch or TechImperatives.

Improved Fashion

Wearable Technology is getting more and more advanced! Wearable Technology is getting more and more advanced!

When you think about what fashion actually is, there are always new designs coming out. Thanks to technology, however, different colors, lighting, and even changeable patterns are being added as styles. From shirts that light up to coats and other wearables with built in fashion improvements, anything from color changing technology to even clothing that changes based upon the environment you are in is now possible.


Aside from just the fashion point of view is the actual physical and functional use of clothing. What used to just be worn to protect you from the elements can now be worn to improve performance. One simple idea is the moisture wicking technology of sport specific clothing. However, for higher levels of technology built right into clothing has examples such as bullet proof material and insulated outfits for keeping people cooler or warmer in certain climates. These may be very simple technological achievements, but the question of what is next will certainly boggle the mind.


The major area for improvement in the technological field is actually monitoring vitals and being able to track what an individual does in a given day. Simple technologies such as heart rate tracking are already available. And just for a few examples, if you can record the number of steps, the general temperature of a person, and possibly even GPS to tell movement and elevation data, then you can easily see the areas for progress and how individuals will always be connected in the future.

Big Data for Efficiency

When enough sample size data has been pulled on any individual, you can start seeing where people are at their best, worst, and can even track where they can improve in a given day. The technology can become smart and will even tell people when to move, when to rest, and when to make changes in general just because of what they wear.

As you can see there is literally no telling where technology will wind up next. However, because it is so simple to start integrating technology into clothing, shoes, wearable bands, and more, it is only a matter of time until being hooked up with smart clothing is the norm. When it comes to the applications and how it will catapult the world forward, the opportunities are literally endless.

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