Our website is designed with the teacher in mind. Our goal is to provide important resources and helpful information regarding technology in the classroom. Many teachers have gone years without much technology in their teaching. Now, students can learn with the help of tablets and electronic devices, with the Internet at their fingertips. Navigating through this can be a difficult journey for teachers.
We have developed this website as a way to help teachers obtain the information they need about the technological devices they must work with. We provide helpful hints, suggest apps to use, and discuss training aids and technology tools.
There are countless tools and apps on the market. Some cost, while others are free for anyone to use. We regularly offer advice on the best apps currently on the market, as well as talk about which ones are free and fun to use for students a home. Learning both in the classroom and a home is a goal many teachers have for their students, and we share that goal.
What our site offers:
● Technology tools
● Free Apps
● Troubleshooting
● Device Details
● Helpful Hints
A teacher needs to save time wherever possible, allowing more time for classroom activities and organization. Using our site helps teachers with all of the above, as they can come to our site for all things technology. Certain tools, including organization websites, help teachers keep track of lesson plans and study guides. We fully detail these tools so teachers have everything they need at their fingertips.

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