“Computers are the future”, you’ve probably heard the saying a million times. You will continue to hear it because computers and networks are and will continue to be the future. Many jobs that once relied on physical work from a person are being replaced by computers, but computers and networks need a human to service them and that’s where you come in. Here are some things you should know before taking off on your rewarding IT endeavor.


You must love computers, liking them is not enough.

It is not enough to like computers, you must love them. Information Technology is an industry that’s always growing and evolving. Sure you can join a trade school or even earn a four-year degree from a prestigious university and it may help you find a job fairly quickly, but it doesn’t end there. If you refuse to continue learning, you will be replaced eventually, or be stuck in your initial position for the rest of your career. To thrive in the industry you must constantly update your knowledge. You must continue learning constantly; you must be passionate enough to want to learn every day. This includes even weekends and what you call your “free time” after work. Likely you will often find yourself searching new products, programs, and information instead of watching TV on your couch or engaging in a fun activity.


You must have people skills

In many situations, an IT tech is there to fix someone else’s problems. Computers and networks run businesses and important information. When something goes wrong people panic, it’s natural. You will often encounter upset customers and will need to know how to speak to them. In addition, find an easy way to explain difficult problems. People don’t always want to hear IT jargon and other unfamiliar words that they do not understand. As a beginner, you will be meeting all kinds of different people on a daily basis. Be ready for it. More information can be found over at ict vacatures.


A degree helps, but it’s not a must

Although a degree will make it easier to find a job, it’s not a must. In IT, like in many other industries, hands-on experience is the best experience. Countless now successful IT techs and executives have started from lower level positions, such as in a help desk, from where they learned their way up through hard work. It’s amazing how big of a field IT is, having so many branches and positions, there are several jobs you can acquire with no formal education. Many IT beginners start as volunteers, working for no pay, but gaining knowledge. Yes, even people with degrees have to start at a lower level position a lot of the times.

Information Technology is not an industry to get into simply for the money. It involves difficult problem solving, dedication, and people skills. Only a person truly passionate will succeed and be able to constantly readapt to this ever-changing field. Keep one thing in mind, never stop learning.

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